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  Dom P's music is built on the belief that true art, no matter in what format, is destined to be appreciated and noticed. Losing sleep everyday to form the best hip hop compositions, Dom P does not rest until his idea is put into sonic form. With lyrics sounding like they took deep thought coming at you one bar at a time you notice immediately that this isn't done for the fame or the money. This is done for the love of the music and the people that form the culture.
         He has grown up in a very musical home with his dad being a constantly touring percussionist for a Merengue singer since the 1980's and his mom being a great vocalist for their church since she was a young girl. Dom P got into music when he was in high school after taking on a few of his fellow classmates in hip hop battles outside the school. He's always had the mind for clever writing ever since he started writing poetry as a young child in elementary school. Listening to Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z propelled his curiosity into this world of clever bar writing and grasping subject matter.
         His music ranges widely from old school Hip Hop to a whole new Hip Hop feel. Lounge, chillout, Trip hop and RnB listeners also get their fix with Dom P's music. The majority of the music consists of speaking about how he grew up in Washington Heights and Inwood, especially in his latest effort "Dom P presents: The Haze. Sonnet To Washington Heights." From the negatives to the positives it's all there. Dom P also focuses on women and all the smooth, or not so smooth ways he has either acted out or seen others approach them with. He does this mostly with his added talent of vocals.        
        4 Mixtapes in and Dom P has grown from a one flow rapper to having too many flows to count. The feeling in his music also increases as the music goes on and the stars just seem to be lining up for something big.
- Dj Boy

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