Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Tanvin Hasan Sajol(born NOVEMBER 19,1993)better known as 'EMXED',is a Bangladeshi Rapper. I have Started rap at the age of 16.
Emxed is the owner and creator of BADMICS. Badmics is the first crew of barisal(a part of Bangladesh).

'''Early Life'''
I was born in (Torki City)Barisal,Bangladesh.I was in Udayan Higher Secondary School in Barisal.I went Dhaka(capital of Bangladesh)at 2010,when his age was 16.I was in R.e.d. Collage and I completed collage at 2012.I joined university in 2012 at NSU.

'''Personal Life'''
I'm owner of the Own Money Project International Limited .

I have 6+ years of experience in building scalable and robust web applications with bleeding edge technologies. My primary concentration is the LAMP stack. I craft high performance web applications with PHP in my day to day work. I have decent expertise in CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Symfony2, WordPress and the different Social Media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) alongside my rapidly progressive front end skills. I am quite good at Javascript and jQuery. I am also interested in HTML5 and CSS3 wizardry!

While most of my work would imply a PHP singularity, I am however comfortable with a wide array of technologies. I have hands on experience with Python, Ruby, Java, C# and Obj-C. I have done small projects using Django, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC3, WPF, PyQT, GTK etc. frameworks. I have also written applications for Google App Engine, Windows Phone 7 and Android platforms. I have some experience with node.js, PhoneGap and Titanium appcelerator as well.

I am comfortable with MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL DBMS. I have working experience with MongoDb and Redis. Beside them, I have working knowledge of Apache Solr, Sphinx, Gearman and other tools and toys for architecting rock solid applications with optimum performance.

I am a Linux fan, Mac user, Open Source enthusiast, fast learner, early adopter, team guy, explorer, deeply driven and self motivated software craftsman.

Mc mos and Deenux and leo joined Badmics at 2010.Badmics first online mixed track(named Pagla Club) was released in 2010,artists:Emxed, MC Mos, Dee Nux.
They made 10+ online tracks.Their first album release was Fresh From The Studio(a mixed album)in 2012.The album included the track
True Love Story by Emxed and Mc mos.

'''Future projects'''
i'm working on (2013) my music video Name:Shomoy(means Time) Artists:Emxed,Mc mos ft. Wafi. I am also working on another
music video(2nd music video) Name:Dreamin Artists:Emxed .

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Website: www.emxed.com

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