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From: Yuma, AZ, United States

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Born in '83...first heard hip hop at the age of 4...fell in love and never looked back...Raised in the sunny streets of YUMA, AZ...starting spittin in 2005 with Plan B and StickUp Kids..decided to form a crew called "BoomBox Typical"......Been on Orchestra Records based out of Phoenix, Az since 2007...recorded 1st solo song for "Orchestra Records: Paper Work Lp". in that same year did 3 shows in Denton, TX with FabDeuce, Soul Relentless and Vortexas, RESPECT...started recording BoomBox Typical & solo tracks in 2008 for the myspace...Still doing shows relentless all over AZ and CALI...In late 2009 began writing the tracks for The Nocturnal Asssociation (with MobRobb) project and putting  the finishing touches on the BoomBox Typical album (tragedy struck in the summer of '08, so the album was put on hiatus). Both albums will be dropppin in the next few months....Also, I have a solo project with Beta7 aka GLAD2MECHA on the beats which is currently in the recording process...keep your eyes peeled for these albums droppin this year...Peace and respect!

BoomBox Typical: "Boombap For Bobbleheads"

J-Worm & Mobrobb Present: "The Nocturnal Association"

J-Worm : "Just Workin' On Real Music"

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Website: myspace.com/jwormymmij

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