Jason Pellegrini & The Silhouette Poets

Jason Pellegrini & The Silhouette Poets

Jason Pellegrini & The Silhouette Poets

Emo, Acoustic, Rock
From: Levittown, NY, United States

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Why covers?

Well the answer to that is pretty simple. With covers I don't have to worry about the preasures of writing songs that people will absolutly love. Even though I do write my own music I really enjoy playing covers. I'll be the first man to suggest going to the studio and jamming on some covers. I've even taken part in a full band cover band, The Fraggle Rockers (www.myspace.com/thenyfragglerockers). Plus who says you can't take someone else's song and make it your own unique version? I feel that is what I do with the help of my friend that take part in these recordings.

I'd like to thank a few people...

Leon Tuthill, who I don't speak to anymore, for getting me into playing the guitar (Even though my friend Jamie tought me the first ten seconds of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" like two years before.) He was the one who made me want to go out and buy a guitar, and he tought me how to play a power chord. So I guess I owe him a lot for getting me started.
My mom for buying me my first acoustic, which I ended up smashing in anger, and for letting me keep guitars, amps, keyboards, drums, microphones, and god knows what else in her dining room and for not throwing everything out the door!! Also, for letting me make all the noise one person can handle.
Paul Horak, for taking someone who absolutely sucked at the guitar and teaching him about timing, measures, scales, proper strumming, and god knows what else about the guitar and jsut music in general.
Nicole Merlini, for taking out a credit card with Guitar Center so I can have my Schecter guitar, wireless system, condensor mics, new soundcard for my computer, and for trusting me to pay her back a total of about $1,400.00 by next July.
Sean Power, for not being too good to do my first cover with me. He added some sweet ass acoustic guitar and amazing vocals that made the song more then just a cover.
Renee Verspohl, for figuring out and teaching me "Existentialism On Prom Night. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be playing the piano. I also would love to thank her for not killing me for not getting her that rest of the money I owe her for her keyboard yet, lol. What an angel!!
Crista Russo, for coming in last minute when things didn't work out with me and my original vocalist, and using her amazing and powerful vocals to sing a song she never even heard until a few hours before coming in to record. I owe you for this cover being able to get finished
Straylight Run (Will Noon), for taking the time to listen to the cover of "Existentialism On Prom Night", most bands wouldn't do that. Also, for not only listening to it but for posting a blog about it on the Straylight Run Myspace and talking about it on FUSE's "Steve's Untitled Rock Show".
Sarah Weissman, for taking really fantastic and really professional pictures of me... making me look like a rockstar... and not even charging me the insane amount of money you shoul have for it!! (Bands in need of an amazing photographer please contact this girl on her myspace (www.myspace.com/sarahweissman))

MOST IMPORTANTLY... Everyone who took the time to listen to my cover, add me on myspace, accept my friend request, add my song to their profile, leave me amazing comments... whatever the case may be it makes me feel good that you guys enjoy these covers.

That's really all I can think of now... I feel like I have written enough here already. So I'll stop. I'm going to continue working on more covers with friends of mine and hopefully everyone will enjoy them as much as I do. I will also be posting an original sometime in the future...

-Jason Pellegrini-

If you want to contact me you can do so at my myspace page...


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