the BandA ecLectics

the BandA ecLectics

the BandA ecLectics

Jazz, World, Classical
From: Boston, MA, United States

Band Members

  • Petros Sakelliou - piano/leader
  • Magda Giannikou - accordion/voice
  • Anastasia Zachariadou - flutes/canun
  • Francesco Marcocci - upright bass
  • Stelios Mihas - guitars/bouzouki
  • Mikes Sakelliou - clarinet
  • Patriq Moody - trumpet
  • Scott Flynn - trombone
  • Dave Cole - drums
  • Damion Corideo - percussion
  • Mika Mimura - vibraphone

About Band

Winners of the 2007 THELONIOUS MONK INSTITUTE jazz composition competition
with "Swingalong", composed by Petros Sakelliou.


Petros Sakelliou, piano and nord/leader, Greece
Magda Giannikou, accordion, voice, Greece
Mika Mimura, mallets, Japan
Laura Valla, mallets, France
Anastasia Zachariadou, flutes/canun, Greece
Susanna Quilter, flutes, USA
Jay Youmans, violin, USA
Patriq Moody, trumpet, USA
Eric Roberson, trumpet, USA
Scott Flynn, trombone, USA
Quin Carson, trombone, USA
Todd Brunel clarinet,bass clarinet and alto sax, USA
Kenny Pexton, clarinet and tenor sax, USA
Stelios Mihas, guitars, Greece
Francesco Marcocci, upright bass, Italy
Dave Cole, drumset, USA
Marcelo Woloski, drumset and percussion, Argentina
Damion Corideo, percussion, USA
Sofia Kakoulidou, percussion, Greece

The number of musicians can be flexible between 7 and 13.


The BandA ecLectics were put together in January 2007 by pianist-composer Petros Sakelliou.
The ensemble is comprised of a selection of professional musicians with diverse affiliations
ranging from jazz to various world traditions; classically trained musicians as well as improvisors. 
The compositions written for the ensemble use this diversity to explore the possibilities
for fusion of musical ideas that are suitable for the ensemble's character as it is being shaped by its members.

The band recorded a 7 track album in May 31st 2007, named "Angeles Los Boston".
The cd got released in June 2007. Shortly after, one of the tracks, namely “Swingalong”,
was announced winner of the 2007 THELONIOUS MONK INSTITUTE jazz composition competition!

The group flew in Los Angeles (October, 2007) and performed the winning composition at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, in front of 3,600 people, as part of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz event;
the "2007 trumpet competition and tribute to Herbie Hancock".
(...our first public performance as a group, at Kodak Theater...shiny, happy people..)

The group is currently rehearsing to record a new album while seeking performance opportunities for the upcoming seasons.


A piano (if possible) and 4-6 chairs.
For large venues the band will require a PA system and 5-12 mics, depending on the space and the number of players. For smaller venues, we would play acoustically with our own equipment.

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