The Things

The Things

The Things

Power pop, Alternative, Rock
From: Casteggio, Italy

Band Members

  • Filippo Morini - Guitar / Voice
  • Maurizio Desortes - Bass
  • Federico Prevadini - Drums / Percussions

About Band

The original group which started the pop band THE THINGS was born towards the end of summer of 2001, when Federico e Filippo, which became friends some days before, decided to start a band although none of them knew how to play a musical instrumentat at that time. However, in a very spontaneous way Federico decided to be the drummer, initially playing a small electronic drum, and Filippo learned the foundamentals of electric guitar. They didn’t care about singing, and Filippo became the singer only because he wrote songs & lyrics. After a few weeks of practice they learned “About a girl” of Nirvana and Filippo wrote a song called “Battery acid”, so they spent afternoons playng those 2 songs over and over again, using a small 25 watt ampli for the guitar and a roll of toilet paper glued on a broomstick to support the microphone. After about 2 months Federico bought real drums and the band slowly left Nirvana covers, concentrating on its original songs, although they were naive and, from an objective point of view, bad. In 2002 Federico and Filippo met Maurizio, who looked like a young, lonely, punk rock boy ready to smash your face. But when they realized that he was also an extremely virtuous and skilled bass player, they started to play togheter. With this definitive line-up they decided to call themselves “THE THINGS” taking inspiration from the Pixies’song “The thing” which they used to play, and the next year they recorded a demo ( Demo Vol. 0: Kids Inside A Hole ) containing “Claudia In Purple” and other songs written during the last months. After the recording sessions they needed to play live on a real stage and in front of real people, so they entered a competition for up-and-coming musicians organized by Thunder Road of Codevilla, the biggest and most important live club of the zone. They came out last but one , but it was their first public exhibition, so they couldn’t complain very much. During 2004 and the first months of 2005, The Things went on with writing new songs and performing live in any school party of Voghera and later in pubs, nightclubs and discotheques of the near towns. They plaied wherever they could. In the summer of 2005 they recorded a new demo ( Demo Vol. 1: Hearts Of Thunder ) which became a sort of “visiting card” of the band, and it was given to friends, relatives, school mates, barkeepers, other bands, unknown people that demanded it during the concerts and obtained also a good review on the rock magazine “RUMORE”. Obiously the gigs became more frequent and The Things plaied in Salice Terme, in Pavia, in Alessandria and sometimes with other bands, especially Lhiannan Shee, an all-girls experimental rock band, whose a cover was recorded “Snookums”, contained in Hearts Of Thunder. In the first months of 2006 they were invited 2 times to Radio Ticino Pavia to present their songs, and an indie label of Alessandria offered them a contract, which they refused. In june they won a contest in Pavia organized by the association Orquestra, playing at “The Scarface” in front of a jury of musicians. They recieved also the prize “Best song of the contest” for “In The Electric Foam” ( not recorded yet ). The Things spent the last summer playing around and recorded an old song “ The Day I Killed My Childhood”. In winter they started writing other songs trying to contact someone who could help them to realize a real full-lenght album. In january-february 2007 they made a home demo of “High School Years Forever” a brand new , unusual pop song, and recorded live a little acoustic show during an interview in Radio Ticino Pavia, waiting for a big stroke of luck...

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